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As a response to the demand from our clients to offer concepts where ultimate ball behavior (the PRO System) is less important than budget, we created the LPP System.

Considered our “Mid-segment turf system” with similar raw material specifications as what our competitors offer in the market, it achieves to give our clients an “apples to apples” comparison and clarifies the premium position of the PRO-system. Installed with the same quality known from SWG, clients are assured a quality product at a competitive price point and budget.

The LPP System was engineered on the following principles: To create a product that could accept a golf shot from any distance, have a reasonable bite on the golf ball, and that would have a ball roll that would be “acceptable” in certain commercial conditions and applications.

The SWG LPP System is perfect for pitching greens at practice academies that receives heavy traffic, at short course par 3 and pitch and putt golf courses where the putting surfaces are smaller and the foot traffic are extreme, and at facilities where the golf played is more “leisure” than “professional”, allowing the client to choose a product that is competively priced for the application and facility.

When COMPARING against the performance characteristics of the PRO System, i.e., the 3 B’s, THE LPP System demonstrates an effective ball bounce, an effective ball bite, and an adequate ball roll. The perfect option for golf greens at leisure and compact facilities, due to its ability to hold up extremely well to heavy foot traffic and still have the possibilities to maintain the product at a good level.

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